Action Law was created to bring to life the vision of its founding partners of transforming legal practice by providing client-centered, team-oriented, value-based legal services. We offer efficient, high quality and creative legal representation for businesses and individuals.

Client-centered means you, and your legal needs or business objectives, are our first priority. We will not recommend litigation, for example, if we feel it will put you in a worse position while extracting high costs. When litigation is appropriate, however, we will go to the mat for you. We have significant experience in litigation, ranging from low-dollar and simple, to high-dollar and complex. You will make that call, not us.

Team-oriented means all the attorneys at Action Law stand ready to assist you in your legal matters. We communicate and collaborate with each other, and with you, to provide seamless representation. There are no client "turf wars" at Action Law. Nor do we "double bill" you. Instead, we are committed to making sure you receive the best possible representation, using all of the significant talent and professional collaboration at our disposal.

Value-based means we charge reasonable fees, proportional to the legal services needed. We are flexible and nimble, using technology to reduce costs and overhead. We pass those savings on to you with lower billing rates, limited representation, and flat fee arrangements, as appropriate.

The names of Action Law's founding members are not part of our name because our focus is on taking action for you, the client, not on us. We want to partner and collaborate with you on your legal matters in a way that makes the most sense for you.

Our Services

At Action Law we are happy to handle legal matters from beginning to end, to consult with you, or your attorneys, based upon our significant experience, or to handle specific portions of matters on a limited scope basis.

We also partner and collaborate extensively with in-house and corporate counsel for local and national companies. We understand how to balance legal issues with business objectives, aggressively seeking the best possible solution early on.

  • Civil Litigation, State & Federal
    • Consult on Litigation Matters
    • Prepare or Respond to Complaints
    • Prepare or Respond to Written Discovery
    • Conduct or Defend Depositions
    • Prepare or Defend Motions
    • Conduct Oral Argument on Motions
    • Prepare or Defend Motions in Limine
    • Prepare Jury Instructions
    • Conduct Trial
    • Prepare or Defend Post-Trial Motions
    • Consult on Appeal Strategy
    • Prepare or Respond to Appeals
    • Conduct Oral Argument
  • General Legal
    • Review or Prepare Contracts
    • Negotiate Contracts, Business Deals or Disputes
    • Copyright & Clearances
    • Consultation with Pro Se Clients
  • Mortgage Compliance
    • Federal & Dodd-Frank Compliance Analysis, e.g.:
      • Equal Credit Opportunity Act
      • Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act of 1974 (RESPA)
      • Truth in Lending Act (TILA)
      • Fair Credit
      • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
      • Home Mortgage Disclosure
    • Preparation of Policies and Procedures
    • CFPB Exam Preparation
    • State Mortgage Compliance Analysis
  • Mediation
    • Mediate Business Disputes
    • Mediate to Avoid Litigation
    • Mediate Cases in Litigation